Wednesday, 30 November 2011

April 2010 @ Ipswich Locksmiths Neighbourhood Locks

What a month April was for Ipswich Locksmiths Neighbourhood Locks! Every other call-out was for a failed UPVc Lock, Gearbox, or Mechanism Strip.

When a problem develops wth a UPVc door (or window, for that matter), it isn't always an expensive job, especially if the fault is corrected swiftly. In the first instance, the problem can sometime be resolved by just making a few adjustments to the 'keeps' on the frame. The 'Keeps' are the metal plates and boxes, that the door bolts, latches, hooks, rollers etc. go into once the door is locked. Over time, these 'keeps' can go out of adjustment, sometimes moving subtly, - just enough, that once the lock is engaged, it causes extra friction, as the bolt hits the 'keep', instead of entering it smoothly. Adjusting these can be tricky, and a degree of patience is required to determine which of the 'keeps' is actually the cause, and to correct it. If this initial adjustment isn't resolved, more tension is required to 'throw' the bolts/hooks etc. which is done by applying more force to the door handles. This in turn causes wear to the 'gearbox', which is the mechanism situated behind the handles and lock, that actually 'drives' the hooks/rollers/bolts etc. The Gearbox usually contains a significant number of gear-wheels, arms and springs etc. all of which become 'over-stressed' by the extra force needed to 'throw' the bolts. This normally causes the Gearbox to fail, usually by stripping the teeth from one of the gears, or by making the handles inoperative. Once the handles cannot do their job, which is to retract the latch/hooks/bolts/rollers etc. the door cannot be opened, and the situation needs to be treated as a 'Lockout'.

When we are called out to assess a UPVc Lock problem, it could be that just an adjustment is required. sometimes the lock itself has developed a fault, and requires replacing. Not all locks are created equal! In other situations, it becomes necessary to replace the gearbox, and occassionally the entire Multipoint Locking Strip. Cases where the complete strip requires replacing, usually occur when the failed gearbox is only available as the complete strip unit, or because a part of it has become badly worn, for example hooks or 'shootbolts' that fail to fully retract.

At Neighbourhood Locks the Ipswich Locksmiths, we carefully assess the situation, (and much information can be gained over the telephone when you talk to us), and will advise you once on-site, what is required to make your Locking system function correctly again. We will never sell you parts that we do not think are needed, in order to keep your costs down. We charge no Call-out fee, and are happy to come along and advise you about what is required.

Neighbourhood Locks have built up a reputation of being able to resolve UPVc door and Window related problems, that others have refused to do because they consider them to be too specialised.

If you have any concerns regarding your UPVc Locking mechanism, please give us a call on 01473 622461.

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