Wednesday, 30 November 2011

October / November 2011 @ Ipswich Locksmiths Neighbourhood Locks

Firstly sincere apologies for the lateness of this Diary entry. The reason being that after using 'Bravenet' for my Blogs, since late 2009 (and despite winning an award in 2010 for my Blog), 'Bravenet' have in their 'wisdom', suddenly deleted all my entries and my account, without any warning, and without any apparent reason. (Seems I'm not the only one either). Their 'Help' links just take me round in circles too. What a shambles! Fortunately I have all my entries backed-up, but it's taken a while to sort them all out, - time that could have been better spent. I firmly believe 'Bravenet' are simply too unreliable for any serious journal use, therefore I have reposted all entries on 'Blogger' which I will be using from now on.

With the nights drawing in now, it is always a good idea to think about Security, and to re-evaluate. Much of it is common sense, but things to remember if you are going out, is to make sure you leave a light on, or the TV to make some noise. Don't leave valuables in plain sight through windows. Net curtains are always good to help obscure vision. If you have locks on your side gates, then use them! Burglars really don't want to spend time (or make noise) forcing locked gates. Keep windows locked when you're out, and remove the keys. If you DO leave windows open while you're there, then use ones that are fitted with some sort of window restrictor, to limit opening.

This last month, here at Neighbourhood Locks, the Ipswich Locksmiths, we have been asked to fit more of the Higher Security Chubb 5-Lever British Standard Locks, as Insurers are becoming even stricter after break-ins, and usually not paying out unless a 5-Lever British Standard Lock is fitted. These are much heavier in duty than their earlier counterparts, with the latest ones having a 'Bolt' that 'throws' 20mm, whereas the earlier versions had only a 14mm one. They also have additional security features, including anti-drill plates, anti-pick notches, fully boxed-in 'keep', and many have anti-saw rollers in the bolt. All this makes them far superior from the early ones, though even these are better than the 2 lever Bathroom door locks we still see fitted to front doors! I still cannot believe that he general public place such little worth on their property. If you would like us to check your locks are up to Insurers requirements, then please feel free to give us a call for a free, no obligation inspection. As one of Ipswich's top Locksmiths, we are CRB Checked, and fully Public Liability Insured for your peace of mind too.

Photo below shows an earlier style Sash-lock, with the 14mm bolt (below the latch on the left of the lock). The lock below is the modern equivalent, with a 20mm bolt which goes deeper into the door frame, thus offering greater security.

In order to stay at the very top of the Locksmithing Profession, Neighbourhood Locks Ipswich Locksmiths, frequently attend meetings and training sessions around the UK, to keep up with new tools and techniques. I was lucky enough to meet legendary Locksmith Jeff Turner who is Vice Chairman of the Master Locksmiths Association, and who designed the Decoderfor some of the most popular Chubb locks. (Incidentally, they're not really called 'Chubb' now, because they are all part of the Union/Yale/Assa/Abloy Group, but most old-school Locksmiths still refer to them as Chubbs,  though it can cause some confusion as they are in a 'Union' box... but then so are the 'Unions'! ).

The session we had with Jeff was a great insight into the subtleties of the Chubb locks, and their opening techniques, with Jeff being on-hand to answer questions for the day. After a few hours practicing, most of the Locksmiths were opening Chubbs non-destructively, using Jeff's Decoder which is only available to Locksmiths, within a few minutes. In fact Jeff was timed opening an 'unknown' Chubb, in 38 seconds, which is a terrific achievement, considering these are amongst the most secure locks in the world!

In an earlier Blog entry, I mentioned that I have my own range of Locksmiths tools that are used nationally, which I have  designed directly from problems encountered 'on the door'. The number of my tools in use by Locksmiths around the Country, continues to grow as their reputation for making the job easier grows. I am very grateful to my Associates who have encouraged me, and given me valuable feedback regarding the tools I design.

If you require any advice regarding Security issues, please give me a call on 01473 622461.

Until next time.. Stay Safe!

Simon.. your local Ipswich Locksmith


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