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March 2010 @ Ipswich Locksmiths Neighbourhood Locks

March has proved to be another mixed-bag for Ipswich Locksmith Neighbourhood Locks.

We have had a number of calls to replace more failed UPVc Door Mechanisms, and also the UPVc Locking Window Handles. Generally, these mechanisms have a limited lifespan, depending on use, and once the door handles become either stiff to operate, or feel excessively loose, then it is really time to give us a call at Neighbourhood Locks the Ipswich Locksmith, and discuss options. Once a UPVc Door Mechanism fails, (especially those with hooks that engage into the frame once the handle is operated), they can fail quite dramatically, locking the owner out. Sometimes it is just a case of making a simple  adjustment, but if you have any concerns regarding UPVc Mechanisms, please give us a call, as it's much easier to replace the failing mechanism of a door that can be opened, rather than waiting until it's failed completely, and having to deal with a locked door.

As Ipswich's only Member of 'The Institute of Certified Locksmiths', we are always looking to improve upon our skills as Professional Locksmiths. The 'ICL' is one of the two major Professional Organisations for Locksmiths, - the other being the 'Master Locksmiths Association'. Always make sure you choose a member of the ICL, or MLA). The 'ICL' is aimed at locksmiths who 'aspire to the highest standards', and who use 'non-destructive entry' whenever possible, to gain access for those locked-out, and our ideal, is to continually gain more knowledge of all lock related aspects.
Earlier in the month, Neighbourhood Locks attended the 'ICL Convention' in Nottingham. It made for a very interesting day, and had a very good turn out from Trade Suppliers, demonstrating the lastest in security products. Yale were as usual doing great business, promoting the security benefits of their British Standard Yale Nightlatch, which features 'automatic deadlocking' and is Insurance and Police Approved. Most of the 'big' names in Locks were represented, along with products from Union, Chubb, Sterling etc. The new locks, make those of just a few years ago look quite primitive now, offering comparatively limited security against the latest 'threats'.

Some of the latest replacement cylinders for UPVc-type doors, feature 'pin in pin' and magnetic pins, making them significantly more secure against the threat of 'Lock Bumping'. You definitely get what you pay for with locks, and it never ceases to amaze us here at Neighbourhood Locks in Ipswich, how people will skimp on their home's security, until after the 'horse has bolted'. Some of the locks we see, offer virtually no protection at all, with the potential for 10-second openings without any sign of forced entry, which of course makes it hard to prove to your Insurers that there actually was a break-in.

The same is true to a certain degree of Mortice Locks. We see several every week on front doors, that are NOT designed for external use, and are suitable only for applications such as bedroom doors. The most worrying aspect of all, is that most do not realise that in the event of a burglary, their Insurers would be unlikely to pay-out. Check and see if your lock is a 'British Standard 5-Lever Mortice'. If it isn't, you are unlikely to be covered.

While at the ICL Convention, Neighbourhood Locks attended a very interesting 'Workshop' on 'Key Impressioning', which is taking a blank key, putting it in a lock and moving it in order for the pins in the lock to leave 'impressions' on the key, then carefully filing those marks and repeating the process until a working key is made. This is a dying skill within the Profession, and something that can be most useful. It is skills such as these, that keep us at the top of the Profession.

If you have any security concerns at all, please give us a call here at Ipswich Locksmiths Neighbourhood Locks, on 01473 622461.

Stay safe!

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