Wednesday, 30 November 2011

October 2010 @ Ipswich Locksmiths Neighbourhood Locks

"Neighbourhood Locks" Diary Blog, wins Award! Photobucket

I would like to thank all at for choosing Neighbourhood Locks, as a recipient of your 2010 Top Blog Award!

It is really greatly appreciated, and it's always good to know that readers enjoy keeping up to date with our Security News, and various 'adventures' within the 'Locksmithing Profession'.

Many thanks once again, Simon Barber / Neighbourhood Locks
"Congratulations! This is K***, and your blog, Neighbourhood Locks, is a recipient of our 2010 Top Blog Award!

Nothing is more important to us than safety.  So we've teamed up with HomeSecuritySystems to provide the very best resources to keep you and your family safe.  So we've scoured the internet looking for the best available, and your blog was one of them!"

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