Wednesday, 30 November 2011

October 2009 @ Ipswich Locksmith Neighbourhood Locks

October has been a particularly busy month for me as an Ipswich Locksmith at Neighboughood Locks, with even more OAP Customers taking advantage of the 10% discount we offer to them, and to Neighbourhood Watch Members and Emergency Service workers. We do not charge Vat, or make a charge for a call-out either, which makes us possibly the most cost-effective full-time Professional Ipswich Locksmiths.
It cannot be emphasised enough, the importance of choosing a reputable Locksmith. Many out there that 'trade' as Locksmiths, are part-timers, seeing it as 'easy money' to suppliment their full-time day jobs, drilling locks that they cannot open without destroying, and charging an inflated price for the replacement lock. With the general public being unaware of what is a 'fair' price for Lock work (until it's too late), I hear accounts on a daily basis of people paying ridiculous amounts for what should be low-cost jobs. One Gentleman phoned me to ask how much I would have charged to get him back into his home, after a neighbour had phoned one of the large National Call-Centres in 'Yellow Pages' to 'help' him. When I told him my charges, he was astounded at how much he had been charged, - almost four times what I would have charged, - even then he would have received a further 10% OAP discount. At Neighbourhood Locks in Ipswich, there are no 'hidden costs' and the price quoted on-site, is the price you will pay. If additional work is required, costs will be given before work commences. A 'Lockout' is a frustrating situation for anyone, but most are happy to phone and trust anyone claiming to be a 'Locksmith', some giving them full access to their homes and Businesses. It is important to make sure that they are a member of the 'Institute of Certified Locksmiths' (who have rigourous guidelines), or the 'Master Locksmiths Association', and are fully insured, and can show you ID Card and a CRB Check to show they have been Police Checked. Always look for a 'genuine' Local phone number, not a 'Freephone' or just a 'Mobile' number. Many pretend to be Local (even fabricating a false address), but are actually based well outside the area they claim to be in, and don't care how long they take to get to you once they have been paid in advance by Card. Important questions to ask are: 'Is their work guaranteed?' and 'Will they use non-destructive opening techniques first?' If they have to resort to a drill without even attempting to use a non-destructive method, then they are either inexperienced, or working for a very large National Call-Centre who bump-up prices by drilling and replacing locks needlessly. I guarantee, that if I have to destroy a lock to gain entry, I will replace the lock free of charge*, and just charge my usual rate for labour. How many other Locksmiths offer this guarantee? (* excluding faulty, security-compromised locks, some safes, some commercial and some auto locks). 
October also saw an increase in Commercial call-outs for me at Neighbourhood Locks in Ipswich. Mainly jammed Multi-point Locking Mechanisms, lost key incidents, and lock changes after security breaches, with most opting to upgrade to the lastest 'Higher Security' 6-Lever Mortice Locks, and 'Anti-Bump, Anti-Snap' Euro Cylinders for UPVc and aluminium-type doors. For those who have not come across 'Lock Bumping', you are not alone. Some Police Forces are still unaware of the technique! See my Video section, for more details.  As 'Bumping' leaves little, or no sign of forced entry, it is difficult to prove to an Insurer that your property suffered a forced entry, making them unlikely to pay-out. As 'Approved Installers of Pickbuster Anti-bump Solution', Ipswich Locksmith Neighbourhood Locks, can for a comparatively small cost, treat your existing locks swiftly, with 'Pickbuster' to guard against 'Lock-bumping'. 
If you are a member of Neighbourhood Watch, Neighbourhood Locks in Ipswich offer a discount for all Lock-work. Please call me on 01473 622461 if you have any concerns about your propertys security. I offer a free Security Check, and no job is too small.Stay safe! Simon, at

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