Wednesday, 30 November 2011

April / May 2011 @ Ipswich Locksmiths Neighbourhood Locks

Although Neighbourhood Locks is best known for being one of Ipswichs 'Non-destructive Entry' Locksmiths, what is less well-known to the public, is that I also design and produce highly specialised tools for Professional Non-destructive Entry Locksmiths. These are gaining a reputation nationally, for the innovative ways in which they work and allow the Locksmith to carry out specific tasks more efficiently.

The latest Lock Tool (which is a Registered Design), approaches a specific situation in a very different way, and has been around 10 months in development, evolving directly from a difficult situation I encountered, which could have been made easier, if this tool had existed.
In May, I gave a  demonstration to a group of Locksmiths on its use, which went down very well. The tool is proving to be successful, with some excellent feedback from around the UK, from those who have used it. If I had been given a pound, for every time a fellow Locksmith had told me to go on 'Dragon's Den' with it, I would have been a very rich man, but as they realised, the very nature of the tool, meant that its details should be kept confidential.

It has been very busy here these last two months at Ipswich Locksmiths Neighbourhood Locks, with a higher than usual rate of call-outs to gain entry to Garages, either through failed locks, or lost or stolen keys.

One was particularly unusual, and probably ranks as one of the most unusual call-outs we have ever been asked to attend. The Customer called us to ask if Neighbourhood Locks could open a garage door non-destructively. I arrived on-site, with a selection of appropriate lock picks, and a quick inspection of the lock showed that it was unlocked, and in fact the only thing that prevented the door opening, was the considerable amount of ivy, shrubs and other foliage which surrounded, and was attached to the door and frame. As I had arrived equipt to pick a lock, and unfortunately didn't have a Strimmer, Hedge Trimmer or Weed Killer with me, suggested that this job was perhaps more suited to a Gardener, than a Locksmith.

With all the hot weather, Neighbourhood Locks have been inundated with calls to resolve a whole host of UPVc Door and Window-related problems, including failed mechanisms, which in some cases locked the Owners out, so there was not only a 'gain entry' situation to deal with, but additionally the replacement of the mechanism. If you find that you are having to exert more force on the door handle, or if the handle becomes loose, then this is the time to give us at Neighbourhood Locks a call. If this is dealt with swiftly, then it will cost less in the long run, as we wont be up against the 'Lockout situation'. We are able to open, replace and upgrade all UPVc Door Mechanisms, and in many cases they will simply need some adjustment, without the need for any parts. Along with the restoration of antique locks, and hand-making keys, we are Specialists in all UPVc Door and Window mechanisms, and are happy to advise you. It is also important to bear in mind that you can have all the hooks and bolts you like, running down the edge of your door, but this mechanism is only going to be as good as the actual lock fitted. Although to the untrained eye, most locks on UPVc doors appear to be the same, they do in fact, vary terrifically, in terms of quality, reliability and security. Many locks come with Anti-pick pins, Anti-lock Bumping features, hardened Anti-drill pins, and Anti-snap features, which all make it significantly harder for unauthorized entry. With Burglars using some methods to attack your lock, there are no signs of forced entry, so it is difficult to prove to your Insurers that a break-in actually occurred. 

Neighbourhood Locks are happy to advise about all aspects of security, both for your home or commercial premises, free of charge (subject to availability), and can upgrade the locks on your UPVc Doors, or fit additional Sash Jammers to windows. If your locks are over five years old, chances are they do not feature the latest in anti-break-in technology.

Neighbourhood Locks were asked to have a look at a 'problem' lock in a block of Flats. The lock turned out to be a 'Wellington Cylinder'. These are lovely little locks, and from the front vaguely resemble a standard Yale Cylinder, although the Keyway is somewhat different. The Wellingtons feature miniature levers, in much the same way that a Mortice Lock does, rather than the more conventional pins of the Yale type Locks. I stripped the lock down on-site, as well as the lockcase (which the cylinder fits into), and gave both a thorough Service, clean and lubrication, which resulted in the lock working as good as the day it was made, and a very happy Customer.

Along with our usual Insurance Work, we receive calls from the Letting Agents in Ipswich, to deal with 'gain entries', and then to replace the locks, where Tenants have left without leaving the keys. As we do not charge VAT, we find we are getting asked to offer these services more frequently.

Ipswich Locksmiths Neighbourhood Locks also fit a variety of Safes, to suit the situation and budget, including Fire Safes, Laptop Safes, Gun Safes etc. We are happy to advise on the most suitable types, including easy-to-use Digital Home Safes (with Key Overrides), Key-only Safes etc.

Until next time..

Stay Safe.. Simon, your local Ipswich Locksmith.


  1. Spotted these on the Duffells website last week.
    Never even heard of them.
    I wonder how well they pick?

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