Wednesday, 30 November 2011

August / September 2011 @ Ipswich Locksmiths Neighbourhood Locks

These last couple of months have been flat-out for Ipswich Locksmiths Neighbourhood Locks, with much of our work coming from recommendations.

We have carried out all manner of jobs, from gaining entry to vehicles, to identifying window locks, and supplying the correct keys from our collection of over one hundred different varieties, - and everything in between!

We are finding we are receiving more and more requests to fit Digital Access Control Locks to Domestic Offices and Studies, as the general public are becoming more aware of the need to protect expensive Computers and sensitive personal documents. These offer a cost-effective way of limiting access, with many have an 'easy-code change' feature, 'key override', and/or 'pass through' which allows the lock to be 'held back' which s convenient if you are passing through frequently, but still nearby.

We've also noticed two extremes with the budgets Customers are spending recently. As far as Cylinder locks go, a few are now asking us for 'cheap' locks, or even 'used-locks.' While we appreciate that it is good to save money, as far as locks go you really do get what you pay for! We've been first on-site after break-ins, and 'lockouts' where springs have literally been hanging out of the lock! It is quite shocking to see, but hardly surprising as some of these Chinese import locks have a trade price of just 17p. It is sad to think that some place such little value on their property, though many of course are likely to have been sold them by 'cowboys' who are just after a quick buck. It is always important to choose your Locksmith very carefully. Ipswich Locksmiths Neighbourhood Locks are CRB checked, and fully insured for Public Liability. There is very little virtue in trying to skimp on home security, at the expense of reliability, and/or the locks deterrent to the Burglar.

Conversely, with Mortice locks, we are getting more requests for Chubb locks, which are the 'Rolls-Royce' of locks, - evident by their ultra-smooth operation. While other brands are good in terms of reliability and security, nothing really comes close to the feel of a key in a Chubb lock. Strictly speaking, they are no longer called 'Chubbs' as the brand has been migrated into 'Union/Yale/Assa/Abloy' after 200 years, though old-school Locksmiths tend to still refer to them as Chubbs, even though they come in a Union box nowadays. These are exactly the same lock as the Chubb, but just re-branded. Rather confusingly, the 'Union' locks, also come in a Union box! The Chubbs feature all the deterrents you would expect from a British Standard Insurance Approved 5-Lever Mortice Lock, including a 20mm-throw Bolt, levers with anti-pick notches, anti-drill hardplates, anti-saw rollers and a fully enclosed 'keep' for the door frame. BS Locks have come a long way since their earlier counterparts.

If you have any concerns regarding Security, please feel free to give me a call on 01473 622461.

Until next time.. Stay Safe!

Simon, your local Locksmith.


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